Data sharing, networking and customer experience

We are able to process data in a manner that our clients are able to access it once shared. We track the patterns in which a client connects with our devices such as laptops or computers hence using safety. The tracking of patterns makes it easier for us to also improve on our applications and offer a better user experience. We help our business’ clients grow by using the available data to know the customer requirements, their cycle and approaches for networking and advertising.

We are able to use the available data in your business to create new paths of innovation through continuous engagement and adding value to the IT services offered. Our products will help you monitor the performance of your products or services as well as track the resources available by providing automatic control options. A business can process and provide feedback to volumes of data and work on strategies that will help them meet clients’ needs effectively.

Our internet-connected devices will improve your experience and build your network with larger audience. They also assist in the supervision of operations and services in remote locations as you will be able to offer support, fast enough whenever the customer needs help. We are able orchestrate extensive automation and offer a real-time response on operational efficiency. IOT enables us to help businesses reach their maximum potential.

YesTech Company has IOT experience resource from 5 to 12 years. We have cloud computing mechanisms whereby there is data storage and computing power without placing too much management demands on the users. It allows the use of internet by many users. We use the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud which a reliable and low cost platform that is able to power a large number of businesses. There is also the use of Miscrosoft Azure that is a public computing cloud used for analytics, storage, virtual computing and networking within firms.

We have the use of artificial intelligence, which allows machines installed to learn from experience adjust to new inputs and perform human like tasks. The algorithms from AI are designed to make decisions from real-time data. Artificial intelligence helps optimize your business server in order to improve customer service and enhance daily operations.

Our company also uses IOT platforms to connect data to the sensor systems. The platforms support IOT devices such as the servers and storage devices needed for operations and processing. We have the Google Cloud platform, Particle, Saleforce IoT cloud and IBM Watson IoT. We also offer E-2-E IOT applications that allows mobile asset tracking, remote monitoring and control as well as networking with the customers.

Control Automation System

The company has a control automation system that ensures there is minimal need for human assistance. This entails the use of automated devices so that the IT staff have numerical control of the company’s devices. We offer assistance in the designing, implementation and monitoring of control systems. The control automation systems used include;

  • Programmable logic controller (PLC)

There is the use of programmable logic controller (PLC) which synchronizes inputs’ flow from events with outputs’ flow in order to complete an action. It is able to store instructions to be able to implement certain functions as well as data and file processing. Distributed control systems (DCS) allows processes to be controlled individually. This is achieved by the use of intelligence so that several processes can be controlled.

  • Human machine interface (HMI)

Human machine interface (HMI) is used to communicate with the programmable logic controller (PLC). It allows the engagement and interaction of humans with machines. We use HMI to make our clients’ technology simple and effective. There is also incorporation of host simulation software (HSS) to test the performance of equipment used in order to ascertain the automation standards set.

  • Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)

Large companies that have offices in various locations mainly use it. The system comprises of computers, networked data communications and graphical user interface. It enables the supervision and control of field devices at the remote locations. SCADA promotes centralization of systems to make it possible to monitor and control everything from one location which is mostly the headquarter office.


Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)

YesTech Company has manufacturing execution systems products available. These systems help in the tracking and documenting of the manufacturing life cycle in the industry sector. The MES software is able to monitor production, improve processes as well as boost efficiency. We customize manufacturing execution systems for our clients to ensure they are flexible and easily integrate with their enterprise resource management. We offer MES products such as Apriso, Aspentech, GE, Proficy Machine Edition, SAP, and Camstar.


Product Lifecycle Management

This integrated strategy allows the innovation and launch of successful products.  It is an information management system, which allows the integration of data, processes, systems and people in an entire firm. PLM software plans, designs and shares innovation within a business. We are able to install the PLM software for your business to help you succeed and propel. We have the best PLM software tools in the market such as; Windchill, Teamcenter, Siemens, Dassault, Enovia, and Optiva. These tools enable efficient control of the entire products’ lifecycle, provide notifications in case of adjustments and create positive experiences for customers.