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We are a leading independent IT distributor, Inventory Management and solution provider of Hardware and Networking Systems.Satisfying our clients with quality products and service.Grey Cells LLC offers a range of products all at competitive prices. These products include Servers, Switches, Routers, Firewalls, Laptops, Desktops, All in one, Un interrupted Power supplies, Memory, Hard Drives, Tape Drives, SAN products, MSA products, Networking Products and Blade Technology.Based in Dubai, UAE we provide a worldwide delivery service. We use the best logistic services who are experts in your local area and deliver up to the airport or up to your door.

What We Do Best

ICT & Cloud Solutions
Web Design
IT Infrastructure
Network Consultancy
IP Telephony
AMC Support

Greycells is one of the best IT and network services provider in the industry that caters to the technology needs of small, medium and enterprise businesses. The objective of the company is to provide technology solutions to its clients that help their businesses grow by providing them un-disrupted network services. Greycells aims at providing what is called the Worry Free IT service to our clients which typically implies that our clients will not have to worry about computer downtime or network related issues.

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Greycells persistently persistent emphasizes on maintaining excellence and customer satisfaction. This is done so that the potential customers get the best from the investments made by them in the field of technology. The leading vendors in collaboration with Greycells include Cisco, Microsoft, Dell, IBM, Nortel, APC, D-Link, HP, Epson and Watch Guard.



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